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Ever since I aerated my first lawn back in 1976, I have been committed to providing the most excellent service in the industry. The problem back then was that the machines were too large and awkward to utilize on residential lawns.
There were a lot of corners, edges and tight, narrow sections of turf that couldn’t be treated due to the size of the machine. I purchased several types of foot core lawn aerating tools and found them inadequate. They were too light in construction and the coring tines would plug up immediately and never pull another core.
I saw a need for a dependable, sturdy tool that would always pull a core and hold up to the abuse of pounding the earth every day. In 1981 I produced the Truly Holey, my first hand/foot aerating tool, using the same strength tines we produce and use for our large aeration machines.
The Truly Holey has allowed me to rise above the competition in delivering the most complete, preferred aeration service in the county. It will get into all those tight difficult areas of turf where a machine has no chance.
This is a must tool for anybody in the aerating or turf management business or the residential lawn enthusiast. You will be able to aerate the entire lawn, in between stepping stones and tree roots, in tight corners and narrow park strips. The San Diego Water Authority recommends having the turf fully aerated 2 -3 times per year, but this device is perfect for spot problem areas in the turf. Instead of getting the entire lawn serviced for that diseased or hot spot, use the Truly Holey.
This handy piece of equipment will pull a soil plug every time and is brightly painted so you can spot it when it’s leaned against a tree or left on the lawn. In the 37 years our company has been using the Truly Holey, they may have been stolen, fallen out of a truck, or left by accident at job sites but never has one worn out.
The Truly Holey is a dependable, sturdy lawn aerating tool, hand manufactured exclusively in San Diego with domestic materials.

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